Fast, Free, Pro Digital Audio Workstation

LMMS is free digital audio and music editing software for both personal and professional use. It’s designed to be quick, intuitive, and compatible with a wide range of media formats. Perfect for editing audio, creating music, and synthesizing sounds.

Professional Tools. Free Full Version.

Your Audio. Your Way.

LMMS is designed as a digital audio workstation to help you create the sounds and music you desire. LMMS is a powerful tool allowing you to create beats, piano riffs, change pitch, reverb, amplify your music, and much more!

Compatible With Devices

LMMS is compatible with multiple audio devices. If you get tired of creating piano riffs or beats with your mouse and keyboard, you can plug in you MIDI keyboard and record your riffs and beats. This allows you to expand your creativity and create amazing music.

Instrument Plugins

Using instrument plugins with LMMS you can create a variety of diverse and unique sounds. You can create kickers, play drums, mallets, create retro sounds, and more!

Professional Audio Tools

LMMS has a large library of tools to help assist you with your creativity. One feature of LMMS is multi-track editing. You can create different tracks for each riff and baseline. This allows you to keep your project looking neat. It also makes it simple to add and edit different sounds within your project.

Cross Platform

Runs on all versions of Windows, Linux, and Mac. Excellent on newer, fast computers, but will also run well on older, slower computers. LMMS has been designed for desktops and laptops, and is not available for phones, tablets, or Chromebooks.

Free and Open Source

Enjoy 100% free and open source software that respects you as a user and an artist. LMMS is developed and maintained by volunteers around the world. You may use it for personal, professional, commercial, and any other use you see fit. If you use and like LMMS, consider donating to its development for future improvements and new features.